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Zula Siesta SPI
How To & Troubleshooting 

Please see the videos below for quick solutions to most common questions we get. In most cases following those tips will quickly answer or resolve most questions and issue. If you are not comfortable doing any of this or need further assistance we are always just a text or call away and can usually solve most issues very quickly . 

Front Door Smart Lock

Video Notes: As we are so close to the beach the door might get stuck so it's always best to pull the door toward you when locking/unlocking. To Unlock punch in the code you received from us then press the large button under the keyhole. To lock just press the large button.

Pool Control Buttons
Heat Spa, Start Jets, Pool & Fence Lights

Video Notes: To heat the spa press the SPA button once. It'll light up and start blinking. While the spa is getting hot the button will keep blinking until it reach the temperature (about 10-15min). Spa heater will run for 1 hour and you can turn it on again as many times you want. To start the Jets press the JETS button once (will run for 30min) & same for Pool Lights & String Lights

No Internet
How To Reset

Video Notes: If internet seem to be down try to unplug the 3 plugs on the top row outlets behind the TV console. Wait 20-30 seconds and plug back in. Wait 2-3 minutes and check interent again.

Volume on TV Remote & Start Streaming 

Video Notes: All remotes in the house will work on all TVs. Those remotes have the volume buttons on the side of the remote. When you first turn on a TV, choose you check out date to start using the TV.  You can then login to all your favorite streaming channels. The TV will log you out automatically on the selected check out date. You can change this date or log out from all account in settings under guest mode.

Use Child Safety Lock On Backyard Side Gate

Video Notes: To enter the pool area use the side gate equipped with a child safety lock required and common in most pools. Just lift the top to release the gate.

Using The Gas Grill
Turn On Gas & Light It

Our gas grill is connected to our large propane tank for continues unlimited use. To start using the grill turn on the yellow gas valve behind the grill. There is also a red valve so check it too in case the grill won't light us. Please turn off gas when not using the grill for safety. If the ignition button doesn't work please use the long lighter provided in the kitchen

Turn On Lights Under The House

Video Notes: To turn on/off the lights under the house use one of the switches either near the stairs or on the wall across from the table near the pool control buttons.

If You Smell Propane/Gas

Video Notes: In the unlikely event you smell strong smell of propane gas please turn off the propane tank by lifting the top dome and turn off the tap immediately and let us know. Please note: It is normal to smell a bit of propane when spa/pool heater starts but it should go away within minutes. 

String/Pool Lights & Spa Jets Not Working

If no outdoor lights are working (Fence, Pool) and well as Jets in the spa please check if the safety GFCI breaker tripped in the outside electric panel located in the pool equipment area next to the meter .

Set Temperature on

Video Notes: You can fully control the thermostats at the house to set the temperature for your liking. There are two thermostats, one in the living room controlling the kitchen, dining area and living room, and one in the hallway controlling all the bedrooms. tap it and it'll light up, Set it to cool/heat, set the desired temperature and make sure Fan is set to AUTO. 

Garbage Disposal Not Working How To Reset

Video Notes: Most times when garbage disposals stop working a simple reset will bring it back on. Under the sink at the bottom left side of the disposal there's a notch with a button on it, just click it and it should reset. MAKE SURE NO ONE HAS THIER HAND INSIDE THE DISPOSAL WHEN YOU RESET IT!

Important Note About The Fridge - Please Watch

Video Notes: When loading an empty fridge & freezer with lots of groceries at the same time it might take it some time to cool down. Please DO NOT lower the set temperatures. It will not cool faster but it might freeze and stop working. This will require either to disconnect it and wait a few hours or a service call which in both cases might make your groceries go bad.

Fold/Unfold The High Chair

Video notes: To unfold the high chair simply raise the back until it clicks and locked. To unfold it pull the strap under the seat cushion. 

Unlock a Locked Bedroom Or Bathroom Door 

Video Notes: If someone locked a bedroom or a bathroom door and accidentally closes it, simply use the end of a teaspoon handle to twist the lock to unlock it from the outside. 

Turn On/Off The
Bedside Lamps

Video Notes: To turn on/off the bedside lamp just touch anywhere on the top surface of the lamp. It also has USB/USB C connections in the front and two outlets on the back. 

Checking Electrical Breakers

Video Notes: If you lose electricity in part of the house it's often just a tripped breaker in the main panel. The main panel is located in the hallway. When checking for a tripped breaker please note some of them will not pop all the way down so it's best to carefully go over them and completely turn off and back on any breakers that might not seem perfectly in the on position 

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